Benefits of Community Laundry

In India, specially Mumbai, real estate developers and builders have been continuously upgrading the amenities of their newer projects to woo the customers.

In the late 80’s a lift in the building was considered an amenity, today it is a necessity. Later, as the time passed on, amenities like ample car parking space, a garden in the compound, 24 hour’s water supply were good reasons for the customer to consider the project as a high end residential option. After the saturation of these amenities, new and innovative amenities like Club house, outdoor play area, swimming pool, Gymnasium, etc. were being offered. Today, these amenities are also saturated. The big question for the builder’s today is, what next?

A Community Laundry within the residential complex can be the most lucrative of the amenities, as it takes care of the most laborious and boring yet one of the most important household task – laundry.

Laundry and dry clean services in high-end localities can be very expensive. A community laundry, owned by the co-operative housing society will be cost effective and convenient option for the residents.

What is a Community Laundry?

Community Laundry is a Laundry facility set-up within the society premise by the builder. It is owned by the society and operated by professional dry cleaners and launderers for either a flat fee or billed to each of the members based on their individual volume but at a subsidized rate. An area is designated as a laundry room within the society premises and basic laundry machines are installed. The operations are usually outsourced. Since it is a residential complex, the cost of energy is almost 60 – 70% lesser than the commercial laundry’s energy cost. Since, the community laundry caters only to the residents of the co-operative housing society, the man power required is also minimal. Even a single person can operate such laundry. Therefore, the operational costs are cut down to almost 80% as compared to the commercial laundries. This benefit is passed on to the residents and hence, this option works out to be cost effective considerably.

Benefits of Community Laundry

1. Lucrative amenity to attract new buyers
2. Owners can get better rentals and longer lease agreement from their prospective tenants
3. Extra income opportunity for housing societies
4. Convenience and quality management as per your choice
5. Energy and water conservation

How we can help?

If you are a real estate developer (builder), please contact us for advise and planning of a Community Laundry in your up coming projects. We provide the following services:

  • Consultation for set up of the facility in your new or existing projects
  • Planning and implementation of your community laundry set up.
  • Finalisation of machines, negotiations with manufacturer / distributor, procurement and installation of machines.
  • Operations of your Community Laundry unit.

Please contact us for more details on how we can help in set up of a Community Laundry unit in your premise.

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